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Services and Fees

At this time, services are offered at our in Strathmore or via Teletherapy. Fees are set in accordance with the ASCLPA Fee Schedule.

Services are available between 9 AM and 3 PM.

At this time, after school, evening or weekend appointments are not available.

We are not accepting new clients at this time. 

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Speech and Language Screening - $40

Sometimes parents don’t know if their child requires a complete speech and language evaluation. We offer 15 minute screenings to identify if a complete evaluation is warranted. After the screening is completed, we will review the results with you and provide recommendations. If an assessment is warranted, the cost of the screening may be applied to the cost of the evaluation. 

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Speech and Language Assessment - $450-$900

An assessment is performed to determine your child's strengths and weaknesses. Once the assessment is complete, you will receive a written report, complete with formal assessment results, informal observations, background information, and recommendations.

*Price varies depending on the nature and severity of the speech and language delay. Price will be determined and shared with parent prior to the commencement of the assessment.


Child In Speech Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy - $165/hour

A customized therapy plan will be created specifically for your child based on your child's:

- current abilities

- expectations for their age

- current needs

Goals are designed to be "just the right amount" of challenging. If a goal becomes too easy, it is modified to be more difficult, so your child is constantly learning. 

Sessions are a total of 60 minutes:

45 minutes: Direct Therapy with Child and Family

5 minutes: Review of homework for upcoming week with Parent

10 minutes: Note Writing 

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Letter Writing, Form Completion, Consulting with other Professionals - $40/15 minutes

These miscellaneous services are charged at $40/15 minutes. You will be advised of the cost prior to any consolation or document completion. You will never be charged for a service you did not consent to.

Services and Fees : Services
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